‘World Youth Change Makers’ is an elite community of youth redirecting the future of the world through a revolution in consciousness. For without an inner revolution towards a connected consciousness the world would be more fragmented, more divided and more unhappy. The problems of our world would multiply.

Change Makers are transformed young people who would be catalysts for this change.

Change Makers are young and passionate to participate in the great dialogue of the fusion of survival with living, of intellect with feeling, of information with wisdom, of science with spirituality, and of compassion with practicality.

Change Makers are a group of young people with sustained passion to reach out to the young men and women in their neighbourhoods, in their backyards, in play grounds, in schools, in universities, in clubs, in social gatherings, and on social networks. They want to teach the young the art of living from a beautiful state. They want to lead the young become free of their inner battles perpetually raging within minds and hearts.Change Makers are educators of the heart.


We power the young to be transformed leaders for a beautiful and harmonious world. We nurture a young, diverse global community of leaders who could impact the web of life through their consciousness along with the success they create.

Founder’s story

Krishnaji had spiritual seeds sown early and has lived with a strong spiritual dimension to life. Has also seen the family of faculty learn this wisdom at a very young age and live with a difference. Along with faculty has mentored 100s of youth in India who today live in the thick of the world differently. It gives us deep conviction seeing our own lives and the lives of many youth who were impacted by the teachings that giving this wisdom at a young age is the way to creating a transformed world.