Change Makers

Here are the gifts you will receive over this weekend
• You will learn liberative and insightful principles that will cut through stressful states like disappointment, anger and anxiety.
• You will take home simple, scientifically developed meditations that would cause a shift in your neural circuitry and increase your levels of happiness and awareness.
• You will learn the art of spiritual connection that would help you create and enjoy deeply fulfilling and nurturing relationships at home and work.
• You will learn esoteric spiritual principles into the art of manifesting success in every aspect of your life. Drawn from the lives of the founders Krishnaji and Preethaji, these are potent insights that will cut through adversities and obstacles on your path to greater abundance and achievement.
• The ‘high point’ of this weekend would be the sacred process of awakening Limitless consciousness, which would happen in the Limitless field meditation with the Founders.
• You will have the unique privilege of interacting with the founders.
With the awakening of Limitless consciousness, obstacles to success in life will dissolve, thereby opening you to magical Synchronicities. You will not only create, but enjoy your journey towards great wealth, success and fulfillment.

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